Guido De Marchi
Space Science Department
European Space Agency
Keplerlaan 1
2200 AG Noordwijk
Tel:   +31 71 565 8332
Fax:   +31 71 565 4697

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Scientific interests

My main scientific interests include the study of resolved stellar populations, the structure of star clusters and their dynamical evolution. In particular, I am actively working on:

  • star formation in the Milky Way and Magellanic clouds
  • the properties of pre-main sequence stars and their accretion process
  • the stellar initial mass function in star clusters, young and old
  • the dynamical evolution and tidal disruption of globular clusters
  • the distribution and properties of gas and dust in nearby galaxies
See "Current research" and "Published papers" above for more information.

Last revised: 12 November 2017